Enjoymagnets was born a bit for fun, a bit for a bet from a rib of the Enjoy publishing house specialized in tourist editorial productions.

We are a jumble of guys who have decided to do extraordinary things (that is, that come out of the ordinary).

We like to think outside the box and not take ourselves too seriously
Above all we like our work.

For some time we had intended to make magnets on all the villages and locations that maybe were a little "out" of editorial attention. We wanted to test to make magnets on EVERY municipality in Italy (I warn you, the municipalities are about 8,800 and you should not start counting them).

We started on eBay and to our surprise the public liked it. So we decided to continue: France, England, Germany, and then overseas USA, Canada, Mexico.

Then we decided to create graphics that involved the names of people.

Then we thought of creating magnets on the most famous aphorisms.

In short, in the end we have come to have more than a million subjects and they are still increasing!

Enjoymagnets is a project still in progress that will continue to churn out new subjects.

A small part of our work is also to customize other types of products such as the rectangular magnet, the brooch, the bag mirror, the key ring (bottle opener or simple), the cockades, hangers, clips all of various diameters ranging from 25 mm to 75 mm.

Over time we have created ready-made graphics on various recurring themes such as: weddings, births, parties such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or even your favorite place or a magnet with your name!



The dark soul who had the unhealthy idea of carrying on this reality. Enjoymagnets is a passion that has accompanied me for years as it allows me to give vent to the imagination and always create something new.

Veronica Iacono

I have always grown up in artistic and creative contexts and all this has greatly influenced my tastes and my sensitivity. Later I then approached the world of graphics that I never left. In Enjoymagnets I have the arduous task of managing all the creative part of our products, including customization, striving to maintain a unique, attractive but also effective design. I am involved every day also and above all in new projects as we get bored easily, so the news and the color, are my... "magnet"..

Daniele Camillieri

To say that I simply make magnets would be an understatement. It would be better to say that with each new order my studio is in turmoil to assemble by hand every product requested by the customer: from printing, to the assembly of individual components up to its shipment. Before arriving in the homes of customers, they pass by my experienced hands that until now have created hundreds of magnets, pins, mirrors, cockades ... from start to finish.

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